The Bay State, David’s home state, has so much more to offer than this limited page presents. But never fear, we will continue to add to this page as we return to many places to which we’ve been, write about them and explore new ones together.

Much of our time together visiting the Bay State has been in Boston, the capitol city, home to three of the four major sports teams and chocked full of plenty of history, sights, museums, restaurants and bars and things to do. We’ve visited there together for work and play multiple times and wrote about some of our favorite things to do here.

David grew up in Middlesex County in Northeast, Massachusetts and while there are many more things to do in this region of Mass than we’ve blogged about to-date, we did write about a visit to Concord, Walden Pond and Minuteman National Park here.

More to do, more to visit, more to write about, more to come… stay tuned fellow patriots.