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Top 10 Lisbon, Portugal

1. Fado Music. As previously discussed in our first post on Lisbon, we loved Fado. It’s soulful and stirring, sad and uplifting and penetrates your emotions. Close your eyes, sit back and listen. Simply beautiful.

2. Music in general, everywhere. One thing we loved about Dublin was that there was music on nearly every street corner. Lisbon was much the same. Guitar players, African style steel drum music, Fado, etc. Soak in the tunes and enjoy.

3. Public squares with views and kiosk bars abound. People bring bottles of wine, buy cocktails at the kiosks and sit, sip and enjoy the sights, sounds and scenes.

4. Street art. Graffiti transformed to beauty. It’s everywhere and really cool.

5. Food and wine. Not just port people, this wine rocks. We tried the reds, whites, ports, sparkling and green wines (yup, green). All fantastic and no sulfites americanos, aka no hangovers. The food is also amazing. We will post about our favorite food experiences later.

6. Distinctiveness of neighborhoods. From the winding alleys and cobblestones of Alfama, Mouraria and Graca, to the shopping districts of Chiado or the outdoor plazas lined with dining tables in Baixa, to the wide lanes of central Lisbon: all distinct, all with different vibes, all fun to explore.

7. Affordability of all museums. The Castelo was the most expensive at €7 per to the free admission at most churches or the Fado museum you won’t break your budget to check out some cool, old stuff and culture here.

8. Ease of use of public transport. Tuk tuks, cable cars, metros and trains, oh my. We walked mostly, but these modes of transport can get you around easily. While hilly though too, you can walk around pretty easily. The really steep hills have steps to save your back (or neck) and there are elevators here and there to take you up or down really steep slopes.

9. The weather. It was hot at midday but it was not super humid. The shade saves you in the heat of the day but it cools down at night. We never saw a cloud or a raindrop. Maybe we were lucky, but it was gorgeous.

10. Pasteis de nata. Delicious, unique and awesome. Nothing else needs to be said. Try one, you won’t be disappointed.

Finally (this one goes to 11), the people are super friendly. Seemingly happy to see you, welcoming and just plain great. Thank you residents of Lisboa.

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