Sunday Journal Today: Consider Portugal

If you follow our travel blog here, you may also be interested in our “Sunday Journal” blog. It is the section of our blog site which is all about our travel experiences. Today, Melissa wrote about Portugal’s experience dealing with the pandemic and contrasts it to how that’s gone in the US. If you aren’t aware, Portugal is now the most vaccinated country in the world. Over here, it has not been a political battle over mask mandates and vaccines and now Portugal has virtually everyone over 12 vaccinated, about 85% of the total population of the country fully vaccinated. Masks are still required in stores, restaurants or bars (unless eating of course), closed spaces and large groups. Vaccine proof is required to check into a hotel or eat in a restaurant indoors. Despite that things feel…. normal. Time will tell, I suppose, if this all matters and puts COVID in the rear view, but I choose hope and optimism. Read more in Melissa’s post: Consider Portugal.

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