Maine United States

Frye Island in the Rain

For our final weekend in the USA for a while, we visited with family on Frye Island, Maine on Sebago Lake.

A short platform ferry ride drops you by the general store and post office. Golf carts are the mode of transport of choice along dirt roads and paths which wind around and through the island.

Being the Fourth of July, most houses and many golf carts were decked out in the red, white and blue to celebrate the birth of our nation’s independence. A golf cart parade was scheduled for Sunday (the 4th) following a fireworks display on the 3rd which had been, controversially with the locals, moved to Monday due to inclement weather. Fun Fact: Frye Island actual became a town over the 4th of July weekend in 1998. If you want to visit, check out the town page for news, info about getting there and announcements.

While the rain was nearly continuous while we were there, we still got out and wandered about this cool little island, checking out the beaches and playing plenty of board games with the family before launching back to Portugal.

Waiting to check in our bags at Logan Airport, as I write, with the requisite negative COVID test results in hand, we look forward to being back in Portugal and also look forward to coming back for another weekend, hopefully with a ray or two of sunshine, sometime soon.

Cheers America, happy birthday, and thank you Frye Island.

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