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Cervejaria Ramiro for lunch, Lisbon Portugal

The last time we were in Lisbon, we wanted to eat lunch at Cervejaria Ramiro and were talked into an over priced and underwhelming lunch in the suburbs. Boo hiss. Fool me once… but you can’t fool me twice.

We somehow dodged our way in front of (rather, in the midst of, but at least at the tip of the spear) the throngs of Japanese tourists offloading the bus parked in front and were seated immediately. At peak times, grab a ticket from the kiosk pronto to avoid a long wait. That is not a self explanatory step, FYI.

Founded as a beer hall in the 1950s, the Cervejaria serves fresh shellfish, beer and wine and freshly sliced Serrano ham. The three floor establishment has the feel of an old school family run place with great service.

We started with Vinho Verde and bread with butter accompanied by the freshest and sweetest prawns ever. I mean ever.

Then came the clams in garlic. This garlicky little nugget left us sated and freshly breathed and we finally did what we should have done from the start and asked the waiter for a recommendation.

The tiger prawns, he said, without hesitation and was not wrong. This dish is worthy of a mention on The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Now we just need to get on the show.

Not to mention that the couple next to us made us feel better about our consumption by downing a bottle of Vinho Tinto (red wine) for her and seven beers before we left (for him) with two plates of bread and butter, two orders of cockles, prawns two ways, oysters, clams in garlic and an enormous rock lobster (cue the B-52s). We didn’t even wait to see what they got for dessert.

We will be back and will put our order in the capable hands of our server from the start next time. Suburban wanna-be fish place be damned.

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