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Halloween comes to Denver, 19th century style

This weekend, we enjoyed one of our favorite annual traditions which was a trip to the Molly Brown House museum in Denver for the Victorian House of Horrors.



We stumbled upon this event by accident and through a referral from one of Melissa’s coworkers about ten years ago and have been going ever since.

In the two weekends leading up to the actual weekend of or before Halloween, Historic Denver presents this event at the Molly Brown House (of unsinkable, in reference to her Titanic survival, fame). There are about 5-6 readings in various rooms of the house performed by local thespians. E.A. Poe is always featured and we’ve heard tales of Frankenstein, Dracula, H. G. Wells, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and many, many more obscure scary tales and ghost stories.

Get tickets in advance at the Molly Brown House website and be prepared for some narrow stairways and lurking ghouls. This is a great and relatively undiscovered Denver tradition. Happy Halloween.

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