Are you a cruisah?

It would be way premature to say yes and I’m not sure I would ever admit it even if I were (no offense intended for any cruiser friends out there), however, I was asked the other night if I ever wanted to get off this ship and at present the answer is undeniably no.

Sure, we are pretty far south of the median age onboard and things wrap up around 10 pm but let’s be honest, I don’t often see the other side of midnight very often anymore.

For my first cruise we chose Viking Ocean cruises. It is a beautiful ship. The weather has been perfect, the seas calm and the sunrises and sunsets splendid.

We were on board for two straight days and have been to three lectures, every restaurant and every bar. We’ve been to two of the three pools, walked miles on both the sun deck and the jogging track (4 laps=1 mile), been to the gym and had room service. I guess my point is when in Rome…. tip: get the upgraded booze package. It’s like $20 per day per person and, well, they didn’t see us coming.

Every room has a balcony as far as we can tell. The ship is exquisitely designed with lots of great indoor and outdoor spaces. The service is amazing and two days in Viking gets a big thumbs up from us.

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