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As promised, we returned to Tokyo today with much anticipation for our final two days. We are staying at the Tokyo Station Hotel, which has a lot to offer with several restaurants and bars but better yet is in Tokyo station which in addition to being the main connection point for many subway and train lines, has a full suite of restaurants and shopping options. We ate at Ramen Street, a collection of Ramen spots, which is on the Yausen south exit of the station. It is a little tricky to figure out the kiosk ordering system, so stop by the “how to” board on your way in. Our research indicated that this has many of the best ramen spots in Tokyo and it did not disappoint.

While we are on the topic of food, before we left for our touring, we spent one night in Shinjuku. We started at the Park Hyatt (of Lost in Translation fame) which is worth it for the view but is overpriced. Nonetheless, it is worth a stop just to see the lights at night. Just don’t plan on staying for dinner, unless you want to drop serious coin. We then tried to direct a cab to some places we found on (Japanese Yelp) which was unsuccessful and we were dropped in the middle of Shinjuku (Japan’s Times Square) and nowhere near where we planned to go. That said, we found a great Yakiniku place where we cooked at our own table. Despite initial skepticism, we ended up having one of our best nights in Tokyo.

We will finish our Tokyo write ups after our day of touring tomorrow.

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