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Mile High Meals

Last update to the list: January 2022.

After an unfortunate (and stupid) lower back strain prematurely terminated my ski season this year, we’ve been spending our weekends checking out some new (and not so new, but mostly new to us) restaurants in Denver, Colorado.  We tend to hunker down in wintertime, but with the ready availability, convenience and low cost of UberX, we have been better at getting out of the house and going further than a 15-20 minute walk.

Over the course of the past several Saturdays we’ve tried some great spots and wanted to share them – should you have reason to make it to Denver for dinner.


Our first weekend out, we hit Tables in Park Hill.  This is a moderately-to-higher priced (entrees in the $30s) husband-wife run bistro located pretty far away from anything but the neighborhood (all of these “new” places are in the same price range).  However, we found it worth the trek.  We left our meal choices in the hands of our waiter and the hostess and were not disappointed from start to finish.  (Warning: there’s not much here for vegetarians, but we are not, so we suffered through).  We started with winter greens and grapefruit salads with fennel and for our entrees, we split the Bavette Steak and the Lamb Shank.  Both were terrific and every bite was gone.  We finished with the coffee ice cream-peanut butter swirl and white chocolate dipped cranberry biscotti which was quite decadent and we would get it again, despite the calories.

Next, we went back to a place we tried a few years ago, just north of City Park called the plimoth.  (No, fellow Bostonians, it is not spelled wrong).  The cauliflower turnip gratinee was tasty and the boeuf a la bourguignonne is as good as any we’ve had anywhere.  Again, not much around this place – so its a destination, although a bit closer to downtown and uptown Denver.  We sat at the counter by the front window which is a great spot to sit, sip, chew and watch the world go by.

The next weekend we stuck closer to home and hit a newer spot in our hood – the Telegraph Bar and Grill in West Wash Park.  The King Trumpet mushroom and beef tartare were both great starters.  The Pork Cheek Ragout was delicious, but the Spanish Octopus was overpriced for what you got.  Trust me, I ate the heck out of Spanish octopus all over Spain so I know a good octopus when I see one and this portion was sparse for the price.

(editor’s note: the Telegraph is no more.)

Last weekend, we made it to Ristorante Lo Stella in the Golden Triangle.  We went with friends and, as such, got to try lots of things.  The first thing we noticed was the lack of bartender, which meant service for drinks was slow.  Maybe they were short staffed, but it also took a while to get served at all at our table.  However, we found that good things come to those who wait.  We tried a little bit of everything – from the Antipasto del giorno to the sautéed mussels and clams, to the prosciutto pizza, our starters were a nice way to kick off the meal.  The Antipasto was a little plain and sparing, but the other two were great.  The highlights were the entrees which we split: the tagliatelle della Nonna Laura (Bolognese sauce, amazing) and the frutti de mare on spaghetti (even better and quite different from what we expected).

Four new picks for us, all very good.  Our favorite food spots in Denver (not in any particular order) are:

  1. Carmine’s On Penn (family style Italian, now with a location in Lower Downtown near Milk Market).
  2. Rioja (on Larimer Square, not cheap, but fantastic).
  3. Osteria Marco (also on Larimer Square, Italian).
  4. North (Cherry Creek, also Italian – try the squid ink pasta – its only on the dinner menu, but they’ll make it for you off menu usually).
  5. For sushi, we strongly recommend Taki (on Bayaud and Pennsylvania, just behind Logan Liquors).  It is less known than some of the other Denver sushi joints, but just as good or better in our view.  We love the people who work there also.  In the Highlands neighborhood Taki 2 is also owned by the same folks.  Try the spicy shrimp roll.  Nothing like it elsewhere.
  6. We used to have Z Cuisine, French in highlands on this list.  We will replace it with Linger, also in the lower highlands.  Created in a former mortuary (Olinger), Linger has great international tapas-style dishes.
  7. For some downscale Mexican, we love Benny’s in Governor’s Park.  (Try the fish tacos).
  8. Cuba Cuba (in the Golden Triangle, serves – you guessed it – Cuban food).
  9. Proto’s Pizza rocks as well (we get the Low Rider with jalapenos).
  10. Ash’Kara. Isreali and middle eastern food. They bake their own pita and mix in all sorts of special things into their hummus.
  11. El Five.  You need a reservation to get up the elevator, even if you’re just going to the bar.  Stunning view of Denver from every direction.  Interesting paellas and tapas.
  12. Root Down was the first of the lower highland restaurants above owned by the same group (Linger, El Five).  Still going strong.
  13. Bar Dough is great Italian and pizza with an awesome happy hour.
  14. Also in the happy hour camp is Senor Bear for Mexican.
  15. Newly arrived (a couple of years ago now) in Lower Downtown is the Milk Market collective.  Lots of options to choose from.

Finally, a shout out to the best neighborhood bar in town – the Spot, next to Carmine’s on Pennsylvania and Bayaud.

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