Holiday Cheer

Over the holiday weekend, we spent a good deal of time talking about Christmases past and future.  Growing up in the northeast, and living in Colorado, I’ve grown accustomed to cold weather over the holidays (though I suppose those in New England experienced something more akin to what I’ve been experiencing over the past several years in San Clemente for the holidays).

If we really pull this trip off, and do so with our current itinerary, we will be spending Christmases in the following places:

  • Nice, France
  • Perth, Australia
  • Singapore
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Key West, FL USA
  • Palm Springs, CA USA
  • Somewhere mountainous in Switzerland (Zermatt, Interlaken or Davos)
  • San Clemente, CA USA and
  • Canary Islands, Spain.

Not bad, eh?

So – we started thinking about what we would do to bring past traditions in to a very non-traditional existence.  First, we want to pick up a local custom from where we are that year.  That will be the new and exciting bit (though most of the named spots seem relatively tame).  From Melissa’s side, we plan to have pizza on Christmas Eve, which is a Greer-family tradition of her mom’s.  From mine, we plan to use socks as stockings, like my mom used to do with my dad’s old dress socks.  We aren’t big gift exchangers on Christmas currently, but the stocking thing seemed like a good idea to have something more traditional in our, what we expect will be, rather untraditional holiday experiences.  Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Images of San Clemente CA Christmas weekend 2015.

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