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London Jet lag buster

Yup. We’re back. It’s been a while since we’ve gone anywhere because of, well, all the working and such required to afford such jaunts. This summer, we decided to jet across the pond for a relatively quick trip to London. 

We stayed somewhat close by to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and as previous readers will be aware we are fans of a good park stroll.  And, what better way to try to stay awake until a reasonable hour and adjust to our new time zone than an afternoon in a park. Kensington and Hyde Parks did not disappoint. 

Prince Albert peers across at the Royal Albert Hall, of course
The flower walk

We had hoped to hit the Serpentine galleries whose rather deceiving website said that they were closed on Mondays but open until 5 pm on this particular Monday. Suffice it to say the former was true and the latter was not… tricksters. 

We closed out our afternoon pub hopping (and Wimbledon watching) a little in Notting Hill and

 enjoying a delicious Greek dinner at Mazi. A strong recommendation. Efkharistoh Mazi. Hard to go wrong, but I imagine all of the dips at the top of the menu are good. We had the spicy Tiropita (this amazing little baked feta thing), Grandma’s meatballs, the prawns and the octopus and topped it off with some Greek brandy and fruit and yogurt. By all accounts, a successful day one. 

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