With our base for exploration just outside of Lisbon, we are lucky enough to be able to venture in and check it out fairly frequently.

Our first posts, as full-fledged tourists, about Lisbon catalogued our initial favorite tourist sites and tips. Upon our return to Portugal, we spent a day in Lisbon and hit Ramiro Cervejaria, which is on a lot of lists and for good reason. Despite the ticket machine, it still seems quite authentic to its roots prior to Anthony Bourdain’s visit.

If you’re here at the holidays, definitely carve out some time to just wander the Plazas, squares and streets and check out the lights. Beautiful.

Close by, you can explore Sintra and its National Palace or Pena Palace, both a quick train trip away or take a quick train out to Cascais to explore this little resort town (FYI – you can’t take the same train to both and there is no train which runs between Sintra and Cascais. Taxis or busses do run between the two if you don’t have a car).

With lots to do in and around, Lisbon is near the top of our favorite cities lists.