Afloat on the Tortuguero Canals, Costa Rica

I could write, but the photos speak for themselves. Put this on your list and you don’t have to be on a cruise ship to experience it, lots of tours operate here. We saw sloths (including a mama and baby), black vultures perching atop trees with wings spread, snowy egrets, terns, a kingfisher and a “Jesus lizard” (he skims or walks across water). An amazing day.

Limón, Costa Rica

We docked early on a Saturday morning in Limón, Costa Rica a commercial and tourist port on the central east coast. A few Costa Rican tidbits: Costa Rica was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus on his last trek to the West Indies in 1502. Costa Rica may have gotten its name from the bejeweled native people Columbus encountered when he landed here. It may also have gotten its name (rich coast) to fool explorers and pirates as there was no naturally found gold here. Costa Rica has been an independent country since 1838 and a democracy since 1869. Costa Rica’s major…