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Pubbing in Dublin on De hAoine

We arrived for a long weekend and, as is our custom, began to embrace the local culture. Which, in this case, meant strolling to the pub for a cocktail. While that concept is foreign to us, we made do.

We began by checking in to see if the owners (aka Bono, the Edge, et al) were in at the Octagon Bar at the Clarence Hotel in Temple Bar. They weren’t but we did procure a proper vodka martini.

Despite U2’s disrespect for our patronage, we made do and stayed for a second cocktail. We then wandered about and settled upon an outdoor music scene at the Stag’s Head. A lovely showing with much Guinness quaffed by locals and visitors alike.


After a lovely dinner at the Drury Buildings we meandered home for a nice view of the Liffey from our balcony ready to take on what the Dublin weekend brings.

Cead mile failte. Slainte!

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